Welcome to the PolitOn Centre!


PolitOn is an idealistic and humanistic civil society initiative and knowledge-based, task-driven think-tank in the political civil society sector aiming at strengthening Albania by shaping democracy, institutions, the rule of law and society’s involvement.

As a confident non-partisan organsiation PolitOn emphasises neutrality and fact-based objectivity, to serve fostering democratic structures and enhancing the sustainability of political actions undertaking a certain number of legal measures. PolitOn serves democracy, institutions, rule of law and society in Albania, also regarding relations to the neighbouring countries in the broader European framework.

The PolitOn experts and partner organisations from the public and private sector are strongly engaged in civil society initiatives in the broader sphere of politics and emphasise involvement in aspects related to the rule of law to establish respect for dignity, fairness and transparency.

PoliThink is the intellectual forum of PolitOn – the locus publicus to gather and efficiently discuss in form of open events hot topics as well as critically reviewing the political status es. PoliThink invites political actors from all parties, academics, scholars, consultants, and the interested public to actively participate in current debates and outlining strategies. PoliThink aims at stretching out to cross-border dialogues with neighbouring countries, fostering good relations and critical stimuli. PoliThink regularly publishes findings deriving from any initiated events in the homonymous political journal.

PolitOn wishes to sustainably support development and respect for human rights, democracy and politic values, and the rule of law. PolitOn is to independently monitoring elections throughout the Western Balkans.

Centre PolitOn runs the HEDUCON Project: A threefold attempt comprising a) offering German study program-mes in Albanian and Kosovo, b) supporting young people to study abroad, and c) organising credit-based VET courses.

Please see the section Scopes and Activities above for detailed information on PolitOn‘s fields of interest and projects.

Even though registered in Tirana, Albania, PolitOn is not limited to this jurisdiction. PolitOn has started initiating projects in the neighbouring countries, namely Kosovo and Macedonia. Projects and co-operations in this tringle are currently PolitOn‘s regional scope – to start with.

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